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Oh man I can't imagine anyone wud bother to click this far but anyway Brazil was released back in 1985 and no, it has nothing absolutely nothing to do with Brazil the country; so why did Terry Gilliam named it so?

Gilliam explains where the inspiration stemmed from, while he was in Port Talbot, Wales: "Port Talbot is a steel town, where everything is covered with gray iron ore dust. Even the beach is completely littered with dust, its just black. The sun was setting, and it was quite beautiful. The contrast was extraordinary, I had this image of a guy sitting there on this dingy beach with a portable radio, tuning in these strange Latin escapist songs like 'Brazil.' The music transported him somehow and made his world less gray."


here's the lyrics to Brazil

(it's catchy got stuck in my head for weeks!)



Where hearts were entertaining June

We stood beneath an amber moon

And softly murmured someday soon...

We kissed...

And clung together


Tomorrow was another day

The morning found me miles away*

With still a million things to say


When twilight dims the skies above**

Recalling thrills of our love

There's one thing I'm certain of


I will...

to old...



* In some versions, this line is "The morning found US miles away"

** In some versions, this line is "When twilight dims the STARS above"


the midi is here

the original is not as fast. heck go get the soundtrack by Michael Kamen!