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These are some nifty programs for u to try out. There'll be more later

Wh2editWH2EDIT (Release Version) by Mike Andersson. User friendly menus and easy modification of almost all game parameters/attributes. Recommended.
Gold Editorrunning short of cash? Download this way cool editor to buy yourself all those shiny death implements at your local K-Mart
Dark Omen trainerI haven't tried this trainer yet. My guess is, it gives u complete control over all your gold, troop experience and stuff. So if it works 4 u let the author know
Dark Omen Cheat v1.1Um, more Dark Omen cheat programs. Heck try em all!
Imperial.midAwesome SOTHR midi I got from somewhere I can't remeber. Play in the background as u vainly struggle to finish off school work you've been putting off ..tsk tsk. Press SHIFT and Right-Click to download.
Windows95 Dark Omen Theme/ or go here
Windows95 DO Screensaver/ or go here
savegame.zipLazydog's pathetic savegame. Approx 150k


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