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Dynamic campaign plot that develops based on the players decisions
I've noted 2 branches, 1. you assist everyone in dire straits 2. you refuse, chicken out and opt to play safe. FYI I went (1) all the way. I know, I must've been a saint in my previous life ;-)

Constantly varied and evolving army to be maintained and deployed at
the player's discretion Other regiments and wizards join u as campaign progresses. Take care of em' like ya own kid, cos the uhh...forces of Darkness are legion and they will kick yo butt way past bedtime ..Muahahhahaha!

Enhanced fantasy battle engine with superior A.I. and tactics
Amen. A vast improvement over Shadow of the Horned Rat(the prequel).

Immersive game play with realistic shadows and 3D lighting effects
Even on crap 3D cards(like my lowly S3 Virge), the graphics are smooth and pretty good

A state of the art particle graphics system for special effects and explosions
No prob on my P166 w 16Mb EDO(not exactly a dream rig but...). Cool explosion effects w flying body parts. Just make sure they're not you men's.

Full 3D terrain which effects troop movement
As usual, on higher ground, you kick ass. On lower ground, take cover or you're meat

True 3D line of sight system

True 3D targeting/projectile system

2 Player Network play
Soon as Im done with this game, I'll try it on the office LAN.



Minimum Systems Requirement:

 Windows 95 - IBM PC
CD-ROM or 100% compatibles
Pentium 120MHz CPU
32MB free Hard-drive space
DirectX* 5.0
supported PCI Video Card with 2MB Ram
4X Speed CD-ROM Drive
DirectX 5 supported sound card
(Dark Omen CD required during play)

What I play on :-)

Pentium 166


S3 325 Virge, 2MB Memory

4 x Speed CD-ROM (it's hilarious they even 32x these days. whatever for???)

AWE 64 Gold Soundblaster

Note: I had some video glitches with the 3D rendering option. So switching it to CPU rendering and maxing out the pixels under OPTIONS solved the problem.