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Book of Ashur

Gives your wizard an extra spell in addition to the ones he usually gets

frankly, I didnt manage to get this book. And Im too lazy to hack the save files to get it

Banner of Defiance

A unit carrying this banner will be immune to fear and will carry on fighting to the death.

Arm your stronger units with this. The Ragnar Wolves kicks ass with this banner!

Banner of Arcane Warding

Shields the unit from enemy spells. But watch out for deflected spells! Keep your men away from the bearer, especially soft units like Mortar and Cannon crews

I've had deflected spells wipe out my mortar. oops sorry guys.

Staff of Osiris

Badass staff for your Wizard. One of the most powerful items capable of sending forth a stream of lightning frying anyone stoopid enough to stand in front.

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