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the black arts of networking ;-)

Here's a guide to set up your very own on-line gaming haven at home.

Word of warning: This is just a guide. Lazydog will not be responsible for PCs spontaneously combusting following his general instructions. Besides, there's lots of packaged mini network setups out there. Your local PC store most proly has them. Ask for Home LANs or the one from Bay Networks tailored for home use.

By scrolling downwards, I take full responsibility on whatever happens to my/our PC and any damage this may cause to life, limb and property in the process of acquiring my/our gaming nirvana at home.

What u need:

What To do:

To test if you're connected:

Time to kick ass:

If Disaster Strikes. Nothing works. Lazydog's a liar. I'm getting all sort of crap interrupt errors now. You can simply goto :

Why LAN or Network gaming rules:


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