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These here's some stuff to help you out during your solo campaign. I'll be adding more tips, and if any of you have some better ones please mail me and I'll credit you :-)

Updated: 15 June, 1998

  1. Read all the tips at startup!
  2. Be aware of the enmy's tricks. They've got a knack of leading ya into ambushes.
  3. Remember to order ur men to stop firing projectiles("H" key) once melee ensues. I've lost more men from friendly fire than from the hordes of Darkness.
  4. Cannon fire and archers kicks ass. Always position them with clear Line of Sight(LOS). I just love it when my cannon scores a direct hit and all those limbs go flyin..and besides it's a morale killer to get hit by cannon fire, the enmy will just haul ass once 3 or more of them goes down
  5. Whn firing magic bolts/projectiles, from Wizard or Grudgebringer sword, remeber to lead your shot cos u will miss the faster enemy units
  6. Archers and wizards are fodder when it comes to melee or cannon fire. But they rule from longer range.
  7. Always take out the enemy wizard ASAP. Necromancers can be very annoying.
  8. Likewise, note that wizards do not need LOS to cast most spells. Use this to good effect. Cast a flame spell on suspect areas of the map and watch them BURN.
  9. Some regiments are w you temporarily(indicated by diagonal arrow). I don't usually bother replacing their dead, unless of course you lost most of everyone, in which case Reload :-)
  10. Use the wizard to teleport n bait the enemy. or just to check out ambushes. Once u uncover the enemy quickly teleport back and ready your archers and cannons.
  11. Higher elevation i.e. hilltops, etc. gives u better LOS and improves firing accuracy for projectiles. If the enemy shud gain the higher ground, you might attempt to surprise attack them w a cavalry rush from their blind spot. Never go headlong into enemies up a slope. It's a great way to lose friends. Or failing that, pound them w your cannon. Your accuracy may be a bit skewed but by the law of averages, u *will* hit those bastards eventually.
  12. Employ combined arms. A cannon by itself is not going to stop a horde of wights. Throw in some archers and hit em w spells and uhhh...other area-effect ordnance :-)
  13. Always protect your cannon guys. These men can't fight for shit. I usually place my infantry nxt to them.
  14. Always check the map for extra caches of gold after a battle. In the first map, there's one across the river in the village.
  15. You can use the CTRL and mouseclick to set waypoints.In deployment phase use this to move your men out of the start box into a better postion; some scenarios really box u in.
  16. Other helpful Keyboard commands are F for Fire/Target, H for Halt/Stop Firing, CTRL + mouseclick for positioning your troops, "+" and "-" to set your troop formations.
  17. Help your buddies. Once you wipe out an enemy regiment (animated death potrait) quickly move them to other friendlies still engaged in melee. I know...I forget sometimes and had the cavalry out somewhere doing nothing, telling war stories while their infantry mates are being torn to shreds.
  18. Make sure you wipe out ALL the bad guys. Some of them carry gold and magical items so if you let them escape ...
  19. The Wizard can teleport behind enemy lines, flame the Orc Rock Lobber crew and teleport back to safety. Repeat until Orc Rock Lobber crew is no more. Never try this with an enemy wizard cos he'll just waste u with his magic bolt.
  20. During battle, toggle occasionally between the real time terrain and the map(hit SPACEBAR or TAB). This way you can better gauge enemy postions, strength and tactics. And respond accordingly. Besides, during big battles, this gives u a breather :-)
  21. The Steam Tank isn't as tough as it's made out to be. It's more a mobile artillery unit than a "real" tank. Two bolts from a wizard and my tank was toast. Two direct hits from an Orc lobber and bye bye Steam Tank. The only thing it can shake off to some degree are arrows and bolts, and even then I don't advise driving headlong into such units. Take a zig-zag route, that'll mess up their aiming.
  22. Use your Grudgebringer Cavalry or Wizard to scout ahead for enemy ambushes. Both units can make fast retreats back to your waiting archers and cannon units.
  23. Watch out for those mounds of earth in some missions. Homes to the living dead just waiting for the unsuspecting soul to come traipsing around their cubby holes.
  24. Get your Wizard to cast Dispel Magic on your troops engaging enemy wizards. This gives them some immunity against those life sucking spells or whatever it is the bad guy tosses your way
  25. Once your troops start complaining that their swords aren't able to inflict damage on the enemy e.g. "Our swords go through them!", enage the enemy unit with your trusted Grudgebringer sword or any magic weapons you have.
  26. ALWAYS face the enemy. No matter how battle hardened your troops are, if the enemy overwhelms them from the rear, the men/horses will panic. Sometimes I unintentionally leave men facing the wrong way whilst a band of brigands come charging at them from their blind spot. Yes, the element of surprise does count towards troop morale
  27. Remember to pull out your cannon troop units from a multi unit melee if it seems the fight isnt going your way cos they stand a v good chance of dying. Let your stronger units take over. In most missions I keep my Infantry close to the cannon.
  28. Don't u just hate those Arrer Boyz? Next time they fire arrows your way, charge! They will need about 2 seconds to reload and by that time your Cavalry will be over them. Arrer Boyz are real pussies so you'll have no problem wiping them out.
  29. Don't bother using the Steam Tank to fire at entrenched enemy units. Just drive over them. Orcs make cool squishy sounds when run over.
  30. Wizards can cast Flamestorms which can block enemy LOS. As well as yours :-)
  31. You can also use Flamestorms to route the enemy into your 'kill zone'
  32. Master the Art of Banner reading. Instead of scrolling all the way to a particular unit to give it orders, just click on its Banner which is always visible from anywhere and issue fresh commands. This saves time especially when you're tied elsewhere.
  33. Likewise, the arrows beneath the banners gives you the status of a unit. White = idle, Red = in melee, Yellow = routed. Lookout for idle units during battle! Your troops need to be instructed everything and will end up idle once their target has been routed or destroyed.
  34. The Wind of Cold spell cast by the Ice Wizard has an extremely long range.When there is a break in the fighting, the Wind of Cold can be targetted at distance regiments to pick them off. They just stand there and take it most of the time. By moving the wizard around, you can cast the spell in the direction of possible finding places. I found this particularly useful when defeating the hand by picking off the chariots, archers and the Hand itself. - by Dean Laban
  35. In a mission with the steam tank (#10 Great Forest III) one of enemy regiments carries a powerful artifact called Banner of Wrath. Once per a magic cycle it casts one to six bolts on enemy troops. Quite funny. I equipped my Bright Wizard with this toy and a Wand of Jet and this, actually, changed him into one man army :) I usually cast this banner and then several burning heads on any enemies in range - by Kris82
  36. for mission 5: it's easy, don't deploy u gun and move u troops direct on the far east with their back against the houses... it'll be a pièce of cake... il lost 5 guys! - by MagicDen
  37. Normally the mortar is not very effective against moving units, as the shells tend to fall behind the target (the spot where the unit was when the mortar was fired). Usually I target archer and magic units with the mortar, since these will come to a stop and the mortar can lock on. Also, mortar fire can keep a magic unit moving and thus not throwing spells. You can target your mortar on a chokepoint where enemy units have to pass, although the slow refire rate makes this a doubtful tactic. Finally, the shell lag can be used to good effect when the enemy sends a column of units at you. Target the lead unit. The shell will fall behind it, but often will hit the follow on unit. Just make sure to switch targets before the lead unit closes with your troops. Keep this in mind when you are dealing with rock/skull lobbers. Spread you units across a line rather than in a column, keep them moving, and you will almost never suffer any losses. If you have to have a column of units (your starting postion in the ice battle near Kislev), you may want to leave plenty of room between units - by Jason Clevenger
  38. I disagree with your tactics for the Troll attack in mission 17. I used artillery, archers and wizards as much as I could, and lost only 3 men (2 cavalry, 1 infantry?). Trolls are vulnerable to fire (can't regenerate), so use fire spells! Only about 3 of the Trolls came far enough to charge, I found that the Ogres were great at defeating them.- by Johan Runeson
  39. For the first 8 to 10 battles or so dont bother putting down half of your regiments as they will pobably end up getting cut up into pieces, e.g. on Axebite pass the drawfes can easily replace your own infantry without too many loses. Although your guys lose out on experience you can spend the extra cash on more men and amour.- by NORTH A1
  40. You said to use your ice mage to kill the hand......well....i found a better way. Do everything as normal....but instead of sending your ice mage up, teleport your bright mage w/ staff of osirus up behind the hand. The hand will turn around and not attack you, his escorts will not attack you either. They will run down towards your units at the bottom. The hand only takes one hit with the staff and his dispells dont work!! - by Vaevictis
  41. a tip in the game says you can drop an item so the enemy after you will stop to pick them up. I did this and the enemy used the banner of wrath on my troops! So if you need to drop something drop a useless item but what exactly is useless if you bothered to arm yourself with it in the first place - by Mike E. Wallace
  42. found a sneaky way to complete the Moussilon-scenario with the BlackGrail Knights without too much losses. After fending off the initial attacks, send in your Grail Knights towards the Black ones. Engage them somewhere in the middle of the field and immediately target your mortar and cannon on the melee. This will probably wipe out your knights, but they'll be leaving anyway. I tried this two times, once reducing the black ones to two, the second time wiping them out. - Paul Vosselmans
  43. The flagellant troops are the worst unit and next are the greatswords. I used them on suicide runs carrying the heart of woe. Losing them is no great loss as towards the end you will have more troops than you can deploy anyway - Vernon Andrews
  44. Found a sneaky way to kill the dreadking without losing a single man when he attacks. First you want to kill all the mummies that are on the battle field and the closest skull lobber. Then move your steam tank up to the nose of the face, drop a disspell on it. Wait untill the dread king attacks your tank via charge then run over the bastage ;p Squished dreadking alla steam ;p BTW Flaggelants are a VERY good unit unlike what this other guy said. - Osiris //TheMercs//
  45. Here's a tip for Dark Omen: When you fight against the Black Grail Knights a good tactic is let them come to you when all of the other enemy units are dead (except archers, but they won't move too much anyway). The best is leading them to you with the cavalry, especially if they have the Shield of Ptolos. The Knights will run after you, so direct every missile attack at them. When they are very close just cast that "stun spell" with your Bright Mage (sorry I forgot the name). They will stand in front of your troops, unable to do anything... yeah the mortar comes handy in this case... :) - Szabolcs Erdelyi
  46. I finished dark omen recently. And I found a neato use of the 2 wizards. Cast the spell that freezes a group with the ice mage (is that spell called blizzard? i forgot) then use your fire mage to cast flame storm. Hehe the enemy doesn't whether they should wear bikini's or a wintercoat ;)
    I had a bunch of fun with the last mission. Near the end there were 4 groups of mummys left and I had left the steam tank, the fire mage and my cavalry. The mummy's target the cavalry and will keep running after it. But the cavalry is much faster ofcourse, so they wound up running in circles :) Meanwhile I casted stuff at them with my wizard, shot m with the steam tank and used my banner of wrath extensivily.
    My favourite spell is meteor by the way (I didn't use the ice mage as much as you did). 4 meteors after each other really makes the ground shake :) (I almost finished it one of the first times around but the enemy group had picked up my banner of wrath. I casted a meteor on the group and the meteor was deflected back at my cavalry. That sight makes a grown man cry :) PS thanks for the great page and all the tips on it. I think there are a lot more potions of strength in the game. I managed to get one in the 'Hand of Nagash'-mission and on the mission where you get the spell-eater shield. Sometimes enemy units use them before you kill them. (Indicated by the orange particles)
    - Philippus Baalman
  47. I have a little tip about DO: In the final mission with the Dread King I found very useful to use "temporarly imobile spell" like Snow Blizzard and other (I could only use SB, my bright mage didnt have big level).You can cast it on mummies, providing you with enought time for two shoots with mortar or you can use Steam tank to make pancakes of them or flamestorm to fry them. This spells can be very good use on Dread King. cast spell and fire from all the guns (I didnt have to use my melle units on him :-)))))) ). -Hrvoje Ratkajec
  48. I played a lot this weekend and when I got to Mission 24 I tried your solution and after several attempts I found that placing All your archers/crossbow men in a semicircle to west facing NE. Place them so that the SSL not can see them behind the trees near the windmill. Behind the archers place the mortar. At the end of the semicircle to the south place the canon. The add Cavalery, Ogres, Your main infantry and pistoliers. These must be placed so that they are set to move to the SE corner of the map.Start by wiping out all skelton artillery with you own artillery - It worked for me with no casualties. No infatry will attack as long as you wait. Then take a round as you described with the pistoliers to lure the enemy infantry to you and shoot them to pieces with your artillery. All the enemy infantry can be lured to you this way and be disposed of easliy.Finally remove the SSL with the Grudgebringers.I was newer shot at by the SSLs once! Try it out! - Carsten Schwartz
  49. Here is something about Dark Omen that nobody seems to mention. People think the Mortar is a poor weapon against moving targets, but I think it's awesome! All you have to do is, instead of targetting the enemy banner, just aim ahead of the target, adjusting where you shoot depending on the direction and speed of the target. Sure, it means you have to pay a little more attention to the Mortar instead of your other troops, but you can launch attacks when the enemy is a LONG way away. Just aim at the ground ahead of them, hold fire, do what you want, and 15 seconds later your mortar will be ready to go again. :) You can really shred some flesh with this. I use the same tactic with my Bright Mage's Burning Skull spell, and the Grudgebring sword.-Cameron
  50. Hi... ive been playing Dark Omen alot recently and got together to play a couple multiplayer games with a friend and noticed a really effective combo if you like to play with the undead. During the game, i was trying out my new undead army (9kgc, 2SSLs, 2units level 1blackgrail, 1 unit level1 wights, 1 level2 necromancer, all decked out with artefacts... there may be some archers involved too but i dont remember at the moment ;) Well, we played the "blighted towers" map and unfortunately he got the high ground. He was playing the WAAAGH! Urgat army b/c he hadnt built one of his own yet. He put his rock lobber on the cliff towards the back and proceded to pound the hell out of my army. He managed to destroy my necromancer (he didnt have teleport :( my wights and one unit of blackgrail before i decided he had won and charged with my other unit of blackgrail. I rode to near the top of the screen and noticed that he had a trap waiting... he had units of boyz straight ahead and 3 units of assorted boarboyz and biguns waiting behind a copse of trees. Well, i rode my knights in and proceeded to wreck his entire army. These knights were armed with the sword skabskrath (sp?), so every mana phase i would be able to take out an entire unit of foes, no matter which unit. The fear induced by the sword in combination with the knights innate fearfactor caused any unit i faced to rout and be run down like grass by the knights. I proceeded to kill 4 units of assorted boarboyz/biguns a unit of boyz a unit of arrer boyz (he did not fire into any of the melees, thank goodness) and his rock lobber... ohh and a shaman too who for some reason was frozen (he couldnt move or cast) without even taking a single loss! just goes to show how powerful the blackgrail/skabskrath combo is... imagine what level 3 or 4 blackgrails could do!!!! - Garou Kin

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