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The Dark Omen Campaign

the Dread King cometh

Updated: 12th May, 1998

You return to Altdorf with news of your victory and learn of your last mission: to the Southern Wastes to confront the Dread King. The Emperor bequeathes you the Runefang, a Dwarven Sword that penetrates armor and metes out 2x damage to undead troops. Oh Yes, and you also get the Imperial Steam Tank!

Mission #26 The Black Pyramid

Aye the Mother of all Battles. And essentially the scenario works roughly like this:

To the North of your box is the Dread King at his doorstep. And running down South, from his Pyramind are 3 smaller pyramids on his right and left. And each pyramind houses a unit of Mummies.

Further South from the Dread King are 2 units Mummies and a Necromancer. The Necro really packs a wallop this time around; he's armed with some dreadful spell that seem to suck the very lives out of my men. So make him a priority target during battle!

To the NW and NE are 1 unit Screaming Skull Launchers. And each guarded by at least a unit Skeleton Archers. A bit further down is another SSL also guarded by archers.

And closer to home are: lots of mummies and lots of skeletons for you to fend off. Aye, I lost count amidst all the chaos :-) Just remember to use your map which provides 100% battle information; where the enemy is headed, which enemy is routing, which unit of yours is idle, how many guys left in melee, are they kicking ass or getting creamed?, which unit needs your intervention etc.

I could really use a Cold Spell, unfortunately this long range 'twister' wasn't available for the Ice Mage. For those who have the Book of Ashur, you might(?) get this cos I missed the book in my campaign. I figured if you do, then the idea is to guard your Ice mage at all costs during the 1st wave of attackers and once that's over, you just toss your 'twisters' up North and freeze as many bad guys as you can

But If you're unlucky like the rest of us, here's what you can do to survive this last mission

I won't go in detail on what I equip all my men with, but for my favorite units :

Grudgebringer Cavalry - GSword/Horn of Urgok/Banner of Arcane Warding : Always blow your horn, that keeps units from routing. And your Banner shud keep u safe from the Necro.

Ice Mage - Wand of Jet/Staff of Osiris : The staff is great for zapping the Necromancer when he gets close

Ogres - Stormsword : These guys kick ass with the Stormsword

Ragnar Wolves - Runefang/SpellEater : The Spelleater shud channel the enemy spells to your Ice Mage

Woodevlves Archers - Shield of Ptolos : They shud be able to hold their ground against the large numbers of enemy archers

Pistoliers - Dragon Helm, Banner of Wrath : They're fast, they have guns, they can call down lightning strikes, and they're fire-proof. What more cud you ask !

And the Imperial Greatswords - Heart of Woe. yes, send them cartwheeling up to Dread's Welcome Mat and EXPLODE. In my 2 games I saw they took out 1/3 of every Mummy unit in melee w them. Why the Greatswords? well they're quite tough and will go down fighting; taking as many of the undead w them before taking out the rest in a bluish ball of flame. Btw if u do this the enemy will return the favor later, cos the Heart of Woe does not get destroyed :-(

And this also sends down the Dread King to your box. He's not that tough and my steam tank made short work of the guy. He will, like all the other Undead try and "charge" the tank failing which he will just stick around v close and you quickly either try and run him over or hit him w your cannon. Nope, the battle doesnt end with his death. You still have to wipe out every enemy unit on the map

The Steam Tank rools. No matter how badly you do here the Steam Tank will always outlive every other unit on the battlefield. Simply because the enemy cant hurt the tank, w exception of the Necro, SSLs and the Dread King firing spells. So if you keep the Tank in your Box, he can happily run over those pesky archers and mummies for you.

Once the enemy attack subsides, you can "safely" go for the SSL's. Your Cavalry, Pistoliers or Steam Tank shud pull it off easy. First I took out the SSL furthest NE with my gallant regiment of Pistoliers. And then in all honesty, all I needed was my tank to run over the remaining SSLs and archers.

Do this, send your tank up North but under cover of the 3 pyramids to the West. Sneak in from behind the NW SSLs and archers who will be looking South towards your other units, and mash them under your treads. The SSL from the NE will try and hit you but as long as you keep moving your tank u shud be safe. Then go for the NE site as well. My tank got 2790 exp but it was very slow work. Fortunately the SSLs suck at hitting my molasses slow Steam Tank.

Um that's it folks! Sit back and watch the Victory cutscene.


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