I'm a 29 yr old Malaysian working in the ..ah.....tallest building in the universe (barring intelligent life elsewhere in the cosmos!) and hail from a small town in the state of Perak, Malaysia called Taiping. Taiping let it be known is about the same size as the picturesque town of Bogenhafen in Dark Omen(minus the living dead roaming the woods ofcourse!).

In RL(as in Otherland) I hang out at the Mindshop and check out the latest and greatest in graphic novels. My all time favorite is Watchmen and anything else by Alan Moore.

There was talk of a Watchmen movie by Terry Gilliam(Brazil, Baron Munchausen, 12 Monkeys) but nothing ever came of it *sigh*

Some day Im gonna marry Rosa and have 3 kids with her, a beamer and 2 cats

And lastly for some color in my otherwise pedestrian existence I swim, basketball and play lousy tennis ...


Links that don't suck


Comics 2000

In-depth write-up on Watchmen

Godzilla Official Website

Free software

Comic Zone

The Onion

Planet Quake

Starcraft Forum Links

Classic Gaming

Baldur's Gate (..drool...)

Excellent resource site for PC owners

Diablo Hacks

My Alma Mater



AOE resource


Weird Sites

Dark Horse

there's more but I'm jus too lazy

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