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Dark Omen-ious visitor I bid ye, Welcome!

[since 16 April, 1998]

Here you will find, the latest news, tips, downloads, cheats, FAQs, strategy guides, demos and cool links for Warhammer: Dark Omen©, the sequel to the higly successful Shadow of the Horned Rat. I'll try my best to update LazyDog's DARK OMEN page with the latest stuff and info as well as share with everyone some of my Dark Omen gaming experience.

Likewise, to strategy gurus (especially in matters Dark Omen) and/or those who have finished the game, feel free to submit your tips and war stories for the benefit of those who've just started on their Campaign!

Latest News...

Updated 5th August, 1998

Updated 15th June, 1998


Updated 30th May, 1998

damn!...no rest for the weary adventurer...


Updated 12th May, 1998


Updated 5th May, 1998


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